Sandy and Gabriel exchanged vows at the majestic Queen of Peace Roman Catholic Church in North Arlington, New Jersey. We made our journey to the Fiesta at Wood-Ridge for a night to remember filled with laughter, tears of joy and dancing. I must say that even though this wedding took place during the start of summer, you could not ask for a perfect day as the sun was shining through the blue sky and highlighted Sandy’s amazing wedding dress. I can’t forget about Gabriel’s wedding attire as his suit was sharp along with entire bridal party. Weather always places a big factor but it truly makes for picturesque photography when there is a slight breeze, minimal humidity and no clouds in sight. This romantic couple met at North Arlington High School as they were initially close friends. Following graduation, they lost contact of each other for many years only to finally reconnect last year. Social media brought these two souls together and they ultimately realized that they shared feelings of love and passion for one another. Sandy and Gabriel believed that it was faith in God that brought them together as it was a touching moment that they had their ceremony in North Arlington where they first met. I must say that everyone inside the church witnessed the couples’ eyes locked into each other as they discovered each other’s soul mate. I was truly honored and privileged to shoot Sandy and Gabriel’s wedding as they were a true pleasure to meet as they invited me into their lives on their special day. Head over to their blog and relive all the beautiful moments that were shared on their Summer of Love Wedding.

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